Pioneering the Next Revolution: Machine Learning in Power Tools


Over the last decade, lithium-ion and brushless technologies have made a lasting impact on the construction industry. As the global leader in this space, Milwaukee Tool continues to achieve staggering growth in the double-digits every year.

Now, we’re working to answer some of the industry’s next biggest questions...

  • What if a power tool could anticipate the user’s needs in the same way your cell phone does today?
  • What if intelligence is the next transformative change for power tools?

Our firmware and electrical engineering teams, alongside our Machine Learning experts, are working together on adding value to the way tools work in the users’ hands.

We’re deploying edge-optimized algorithms, advanced sensor technology, probing interactions between electronics, battery chemistry, complex mechanisms, and much more.

We’re pushing the boundaries and creating the next evolution in power tool technology – and we want you to be part of it.

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